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  • JASIF offers stable and attractive return
    Investors shall have the opportunity to receive return in investment in the form of capital reduction when JASIF has excess liquidity and dividend payment when JASIF has sufficient retained earnings. JASIF's policy is to pay dividends to unitholders at least twice a year at a rate of at least 90% of the "adjusted net profit" in line with the prospectus. In 2019
  • Potential upside opportunity to invest in additional broadband related assets in the future and from third party lessees
    in the future, TTTBB expresses its intention to sell additional optical fiber assets which TTTBB uses in its business operation to any third party and having an offer price exceeding THB 1,000 million within any twelve-month period. TTTBB must make an offer to sell this assets to JASIF for consideration.
  • Opportunity to get return from JASIF's Lessee — TTTBB
    TTTBB will be the lessee of the OFC. TTTBB generated Total revenues of THB 36,229 million in 2018. EBITDA before OFC rental to JASIF in 2019 amounted to THB 12,453 million,
  • Tax exemption

    Individual investors are not subject to capital gains tax and will get tax exemption for dividends received from the Fund for a period of ten years from the registration of the Fund.

    Noted: the Thai Government issued the Royal Decree No. 544 dated October 9, 2012 to grant certain tax exemptions to infrastructure funds, subject to the terms and conditions set out in Notification of the Director General of Revenue Department dated March 7, 2013. The Royal Decree grants an exemption from the payment of income taxes to individual unitholders of infrastructure funds (except unitholders who are ordinary partnerships or non-juristic groups of persons) in respect of dividends received from infrastructure funds, including JASIF, for a period of ten years from the registration of such infrastructure funds.

  • The Sponsor and Lessee, JAS and TTTBB, are managed by executive team with extensive experience in telecommunication business

    The executive management teams of JAS and TTTBB comprise of personnel with vision and extensive experience in the broadband and telecommunication businesses. JAS will hold JASIF details as follow:

    Period of time after the acquisition of Additional Assets is completed Minimum unitholding percentages after the capital increase*
    1st Year - 6th Year 19%
    7th Year – the expiration of the Amended and Restated Main Lease Agreement 15%**
    After the expiration of the Amended and Restated Main Lease Agreement 0%


    * Units held by JAS and are restricted from selling can be given as a security for a credit facility from a financial institution(s) and such financial institution(s) is eligible to enforce such security. Therefore, in case where financial institution (s) enforces such security, it may cause JAS’s unitholding to be below the percentage set out in the table above.

    ** JAS’s unitholding set out in the table may be reduced to 0% if the Fund has repaid all the debts to the lender in full.

  • Investment involves risks. Investors should study the information in the prospectus before making an investment decision.
  • The approval from the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (the "Thai SEC") for the establishment of JASIF on 20 January 2015 and approval of the registration to increase JASIF Investment on 19 November 2019 are not a representation from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Capital Market Supervisory Board or the Thai SEC of the completeness and accuracy of information used in the offering nor a guarantee of return on investment or value of JASIF.